7 Effective Ways to Make Money from your Mommy Blog

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7 Effective Ways to Make Money from your Mommy Blog

In the last few years, many bloggers have been able to successfully replace their full time job income with their blogging income.

Blogging to business has become popular, and moms have been able to make money with their blogs, while spending time with their little ones.

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Do you have a mommy blog that you love to work on?

Well, if you just started it as a hobby blog, you can easily turn your hobby blog into business blog.

Here are 7 effective ways to make money from your mommy blog.

#1. Affiliate Marketing

If you own a blog where you write about different products and services, you should consider affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the way to promote a product or service where you earn commission if someone buys that product or service via your blog.

To get started, join some of the affiliate marketing programs like Shareasale, Amazon. How you can benefit from these affiliate network programs? If you write about baby products, you can write or review the product from a merchant selling baby product.

If someone buys that product through your blog, you earn a commission from that merchant.

#2. Sponsored Posts

If you have significant number of followers and readers, companies or brands may seek you out to post their sponsored content on your blog. With sponsored posts, bloggers post about specific product or services offered by certain brands, and get paid to post.

It is paid to post content that bloggers have a high potential of making money. There are many ad networks that help bloggers connect with brands like Blogher, BuySellAds, Izea, Sway Group and more. When you publish a sponsored post, you must disclose that the blog post is sponsored post and that you were compensated with money or product.

#3. Advertise

You can sell space on your blog. It can be in the form of banners or text links. You can either sell advertising space on your blog by yourself or you can become a part of many ad networks that can display banners or text links for you on your blog.

Although when you sell advertising space on your blog yourself, you can name and control your price and space, but it can be a tedious task to promote and arrange everything.

When an ad network displays ads on your blog, they take care of everything including price. You can become a part of number of ad networks like Adsense, BlogHer, SheKnows.

#4. Write an eBook

Writing and selling ebooks is a great way to make money. If you think you have significant knowledge in a particular field, you can write about it and share via your ebook.

If you write about what you are passionate about, you will see more engagement. There are many things you should consider when writing an ebook. Make sure that title is catchy and the content should be super helpful for people looking for such information.

#5. Offer a Course

Market for online courses is big. If you have an expertise and capable of doing so, you can create an online course in the field you have an expertise in.

When you train your audience with the best of your knowledge, make sure that you are providing engaging content that your students can retain.

You should also create a powerful and organized structure for your course. Knowing about your audience is very important. That will also give you an idea on what kind of solution they seeking for their problems.

#6. Become a Virtual Assistant

Blogging has become popular than ever. With that the demand for Virtual Assistants is rising as well. VAs offer variety of services including social media management, graphics design, SEO, freelance writing and so much more.

If you think you are capable of providing such services, go ahead and set one up on your blog. Outline every service in detail, along with your rates. Offer your services for free to the first 4 or 5 clients to establish yourself as a Virtual Assistant.

#7. Freelance Writing

Do you like to write? You should approach bigger high authority sites with your pitching ideas, and see if you can get paid to write for them. There are so many sites that pay to write. You can write and share your parenting stories with many more people and even get paid to write.

Do you make money on your mommy blog? Please share your tips and techniques that you use to monetize to help transform your blog to business!

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please read my disclosure here.

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