A Complete Guide to Baby Shower Games

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The ultimate guide to learn how to play the popular baby shower games at a baby shower party. This list is updated from time to time with more information so bookmark it to check back later.

A complete guide to Baby Shower Games

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1. Baby Shower Bingo

Baby shower bingo is a fun game that is just simple and easy to play. It is a twist of popular bingo game and the word used are related to baby shower and the gifts mom-to-be may receive. It is a great way to keep the guest entertained during the gift opening process.

What You Need: Printed bingo cards and pens or pencils for guests to mark off the squares.

How to Play:

With Prefilled Bingo Cards: Give out the bingo cards and a pen or marker to each guest. When the mom-to-be starts to open the gifts, she will call out the name of the gift as she opens each of the gifts. The guests have to mark the square if the name matches with any of the squares in their respective sheets. The first guest who marks off all the squares horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins the prize. In other way, instead of opening the gifts, they call a name of the gift from a calling sheet.

Disney Prefilled Bingo Cards. These cute Disney Themed baby shower bingo cards are perfect for your Disney themed party. This game includes the bingo cards and calling sheet prefilled with characters associated with Disney stories.

If using a calling sheet instead of real gifts, you can prepare by cutting the word along the line from calling sheet and then fold the pieces of paper in half and place them in a bowl. The caller selects pieces of paper from the bowl and calls out words, one at a time, until someone yells BINGO!.

With Blank Bingo Cards: If you have blank or empty bingo cards (with all blank squares except the center one), distribute the bingo cards to the guests and ask them to fill each blank square with the possible gift the bride may receive. When the guests are done filling out the blank boxes, the bride to be calls out the gifts she received. The guests mark off the squares as the bride opens her gifts. The winner will be the one who first completes a row of five. horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

2. Alphabet Baby Items Game

To find out how many baby items your guests can think of starting with each alphabet (A-Z).
What You Need: The printed game cards with all the alphabets written on the left side with a space to write the answers and pens or pencils.

How to Play: Distribute the game sheets among each player and the guests have to complete the sheet by writing the name of the baby related items that starts with each alphabet. The first one who finishes all the letter is the winner.

3. What’s In Your Purse?

A fun game like scavenger hunt using each guests purse.

What You Need: Printed copies of the game cards having numbers allotted for each category of items.

How to Play:

Method #1: Distribute the game cards among guests and they will check off the items they have in their purse. The first one to collect and complete all the items will be the winner.

Method #2: This game can also be played as a group. Divide the guests in a group of 4-5. Give the teams 5 minutes to search their purse for the listed items. The team with the most points, wins!

Method #3: The participants can have a seat and hold their purses. A host calls out each item that is on the list and the first one to hold up the item receives the number of points allotted. After all the list items are called out, the one with the most points wins!

4. What’s In Your Phone?

What You Need: Printed copies of the game cards having numbers allotted for each category of items and the pens or markers to check off the items.

How to Play:
This is a similar game to Purse Raid. Instead of searching the purse for physical items,  you can ask your guests to show the listed things on their cell phones. Those listed items can be anything from Apps, Photos, Videos, Messages, Battery Charge Remaining, Phone Brand or Type of Phone to Color or anything that can be related to the cell phones. You can have your own items listed on a game card or get a pre-filled ones from the internet. Distribute the game cards among guests and ask them to check their cell phones and check off the statements on the sheet that are correct. They add up the points and the person with the highest score is the winner.

Wait, It’s not over!

Information coming soon for the following and more. Stay tuned and bookmark this page to visit later.

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