How to Use Pinterest To Boost Your Blog Traffic

posted by admin on 12 Feb 2017 49 Comments

Want to Boost Traffic to your Blog?Thinking Traffic? Think Pinterest!

Pinterest has become no. 1 source of traffic for many successful blogs.

Financial posts on this blog like 52 Week Money Savings Challenge and Budget Planner are the most pinned and repinned posts.

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Since Pinterest came into existence, it has become one of the most popular tools to drive traffic among many bloggers.

It certainly does not come closer to the ranks of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumbleupon or Instagram. It is way better than these. If your posts on these other networks go viral one day, your Google Analytics graph shoots up like a huge mountain, but come next day, it is back to normal.

That is not true with Pinterest. It keeps sending traffic consistently, each day, every day, even when you are away for your vacation!

If you own a blog and if this is the first time you are hearing about this powerful tool, well ….. you have been missing out on a lot and really really need to pay attention. But chances are you have heard of Pinterest and you use it religiously.

Let’s find out how using Pinterest can boost your blog traffic and help you lot of exposure to your blog.

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Take advantage of Group Boards.

When you join Pinterest, you will notice you have to create a board to pin your images. A board is a collection of pins from multiple sources. A group board is niche specific board where someone created that particular board and there are multiple contributors. You want to be a part of such a group board.

Group Boards on Pinterest

Becoming a contributor is not that straight forward though. You need an invitation from the Group Board creator or organizers.

Before you ask for an invite, make sure that you have created 10+ boards in your account, and at least 10 pins in each board.

Make sure you upload a good profile picture and appealing profile. Once you have done that, search for popular group boards in your niche that have lot of contributors. Then, ask the owner of the group to become a contributor.

Normally, you won’t have any problems getting approved to participate in certain group. Most of the group organizers want as many contributors in their group as possible, because more the contributors, more the pins and repins and as a result better search engine rankings.

Check out the Pinterest Group Boards on Facebook. They have many Group Board Creators asking for contributors from time to time.

Make your images pinnable.

I cannot emphasize enough how important this one is. First thing, you should have images in your blog posts. If you do, visit the blog posts again and make sure that they look good. They are well presented and pinnable.

Make Images Pinnable

There are many tools like Picmonkey and Canva available that you can use to retouch your images. Pinterest friendly images are very appealing and eye catching. Go to Pinterest right now, and see which images you want to pin. If you notice, most pinned images are 735 pixels x 1102 pixels. They are tall and vertical. Bright reddish orange ones are more eye catching.

According to Lindsay Ostrom of Pinch of Yum, “On an average, long Pinterest images got 70% more repins that short Pinterest images“. In her tutorial she talks about longer images are pinned and repinned a lot more than simple ones and how you can make one using Photoshop.

Consider switching to Business Account.

If possible or invited, switch to business account for Pinterest. I was recently invited to switch to business account, so I did. I love the added features in my business account.

Pinterest Business Account

Now I can access my Analytics and track the no. of visitors and pageviews for certain amount of time.

Pinterest Business Account

You can also add rich pins. Rich pins have recently been developed by Pinterest and prove to be very beneficial for businesses. Using rich pins, you can include more information about pinned images.

Add a Pin It Button from Pinterest.

If you want the readers to pin images from your blog post easily, make it convenient for them.

Add Pin It Button To Your Images

Pin It Button from Pinterest is very easy to install. Pinterest provides very easy to follow instructions that you can use to install it on your blog.

Schedule Your Pins

Pinterest can be very addictive. When I first discovered Pinterest, I ended up spending hours on this fun tool. I would pin every recipe I wanted to make, every outfit I wanted to buy and anything else that interested me.

But as I started getting busy with my blog, I found it hard to stay active on Pinterest. As I started looking around to find a scheduling tool where I could schedule my pins, I couldn’t find any that were offered by Pinterest. But there are number of third party apps that you can use. Here are some that I have used, and others come recommended by others.

  • Tailwind. I use Tailwind App Pinterest Scheduler to pin on Pinterest. This one is one of the most popular Pinterest schedulers. You can schedule your pins in advance, automate your calendar and so much more. You can track your most popular pins, repins and grow exposure. The dashboard is easy to use and simple to understand.Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler
  • ViralWoot. This is another scheduler that lets you schedule pins in advance. There are so many options that you can use to utilizing it most efficiently. You can schedule up to 100 pins for free a month. If you want to do more than that, you buy more credits.
    Viralwoot Pinterest Scheduler
  • Viraltag. This tool is getting popular as more and more people are looking into scheduling pins. ViralTag Bookmarklet lets you schedule pins for any website you are browsing. It is very straightforward to use. Follow the instructions on how to schedule your pins using Viraltag Bookmarklet.
    Viraltag Pinterest Scheduler
  • Buffer for Pinterest. Buffer partnered with Pinterest few months ago to offer this another scheduling tool. It lets you easily schedule your pins, manage and measure your growth. With their package plan, there is no limit on how many pins you can schedule throughout the month. You schedule up to 100 posts at one time.Buffer for Pinterest

Make Your Pin Boards Keywords Rich

Have you noticed that when you search for a “pumpkin muffin recipe” or “kids’ activities in summers”, Pinterest links are some of the most common links that come up as search results. That is because those boards and pins have keyword rich content. These pins had relevant pin description that was easy for search engines to understand.

Keywords Rich Pinterest Boards

Call to Action Always Works.

Whether it is a blog post or an image, call to action works every time. If you want people to reach your blog via your image, include a call to action message in your image. This not only intrigues people to learn more, but they also get to read valuable information on your blog. It’s a win win for both parties.

Call to action pinterest images

Would you be intrigued by the question asked in this Pinterest image? I am sure readers will get curious about the questions you should ask before starting a business. Using a call to action in your images is a great way to boost traffic to your blog.

Make a Strong Following.

Strong following to your pins mean more exposure for your blog. How to get more followers to follow your boards? Search popular boards in your niche, follow them. Follow their followers. Also search for popular people in your niche and follow their followers.

Participate in Facebook groups where you can build a community with people in the same niche and follow each other. Most of the time you will come across very supportive people in Facebook groups who are eager to help each other. These are mostly closed groups so you need to get approved before you can start participating.

How do you use Pinterest to boost traffic to your blog? Have any tips for our readers? Please share in the comment box below!

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please read my disclosure here.

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Comments (49)

  • Chrissa - Physical Kitchness said on

    SUCH a great post! I love this and will be back to read and re-read it. Thank you for the wonderful advice!

  • Robin Rue (@massholemommy) said on

    I get lots of traffic from pinterest, but I think I could be doing more. I need to work harder to make that happen.

  • So many good tips here! I really need to get into scheduling pins. I’ve been lacking on my pinterest work. Needed this reminder.

  • I have Pinterest, but I never really used it to boost my posts. These are good to know. I should start using it more often.

  • Michelle de Guzman said on

    Thank you!I have been wanting to utilize pinterest more but was really unclear about how to go about it.YOu gave me some great tools and introduced me to some great scheduling tools.

  • Great tips! There is so much to know about this topic, thanks for putting it all in one post. Here goes to show Pinterest works…I’m pinning this now so I can come back to later!

    • Yes Brittany. Pinterest does work, it just needs some real effort in the beginning when you are just setting it up.

  • Becky @ Disney in your Day said on

    I’ve made Pinterest my big blogging focus for the month of September, and it’s definitely paying off. I think this post is great – it has all the tips I found that have really worked all in one place!

    • Thanks Becky. I am so glad that you got positive results from your focus on Pinterest in the last month. It’s going to get better with time now.

  • Chelley @ A is For Adelaide said on

    These are all great tips! I need to boost my Pinterest following and I am going to check out a business account!

    • Thanks Chelley. Business account certainly helps. You get extra options and can keep track of your traffic stats in their analytics analysis. Make sure to look into rich pins after you switch to business account.

  • Great tips! Do you have any recommendations of facebook groups to join that are great for pinterest?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Jessica Harlow said on

    I love perusing Pinterest (for hours) and have really made a point of utilizing Pinterest more for my blog. Making my images “pinnable” is definitely a must!

    • Well said Jessica. You never know which one of your pinned and repinned images can go viral and garner you some major traffic.

  • Taylor DuVall said on

    I have been hearing so many people saying to schedule pins – I got to get on that!

    • Yes Taylor, scheduling pins really saves you time and keep things in check, which you may otherwise forget. It also helps increase your fan following and increase pins and repins of your images.

  • Some really advice. I need to get better at pinterest as I have been reading through the grapevine that it is really great for blogs. Thank you for your help.

  • Thank you so much for these awesome tips.. I never got any traffic from Pinterest. Always wondering about it

    • Rika, make sure to check out the group boards. They can be really helpful since lot of people are able to checkout the images that you pin. Also, make sure to create big images that are attention grabbing.

  • I should really spend more time with Pinterest than I do. These are some really helpful ideas for me.

  • Valerie@Occasionally Crafty said on

    All great tips! I need to go back through my boards, check my board descriptions, and I heard the idea to change up your cover photos once a month or so, so I’ll give that a try too!

  • Elizabeth O. said on

    Pinterest is a very good platform for publicity. I’ve always wanted to stretch my resources there for my blog’s exposure.

  • Great tips! i have pinterest but i don’t use it most. I need to spend more time for pinterest.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc said on

    Thanks for this informative post. I need to get back to using Pinterest again. There are a lot of opportunities there if I was only more consistent in posting.

  • Fabulous tips! I just switched over to a business account – I’m curious about the analytics so we’ll see how that goes!

  • Oh Pinterest! I have such a love/hate relationship with pinterest. It is really great for traffic though. I need to use it more!

  • These are really helpful tips! I am particularly thankful you mentioned what size is most successful for images. I’ve definitely wondered why some of my pins are teeny-tiny and I think this is why! I have been a little underwhelmed by Pinterest as far as driving traffic to my site, and I think it’s because I’m not utilizing it correctly. Thank you!

  • MsCrookedHalo said on

    Despite my efforts, my traffic from Pinterest is just off and on. Thanks for giving me tips to try and make it more consistent.

  • The L's Mum said on

    Fabulous tips. I am only just getting used to using pinterest for my blog so your advice is so valuable to me thanks for sharing

  • I do love Pinterest. If I took the time to really connect it to my blog, I wonder if I could have the best of both worlds (increased traffic and my boards the way I like them).

  • Diana Johnson said on

    Great post! Which scheduling tool do you prefer? I’ve been trying to choose one to sign up for.

  • Carol Cassara said on

    I’m failry new to pinning so I need all the advice I can get. In fact, I pinned THIS to review at my leisure. Thank you ! I can’t get enough of Pinterest posts.

  • Michelle said on

    Great tips – and I have bookmarked ViralWoot to test that one out.

  • Aliza B said on

    I have wanted to look into a pin scheduler, but didn’t know which one to try. Thanks for the useful information! I’m going to check out the free trial of ViralWoot today.

  • Christina said on

    I have been seeing more and more about how Pinterest is a great source for traffic. I don’t think I spend enough time on Pinterest. I’m definitely going to have to invest more time into it. I pinned this for future reminder!

  • valerie hansen said on

    Great post and so very helpful…sounds like so much to, that’s why my pinterest is not doing much for me….not doing all this…all these platforms to keep up with is a full time job ! Thanks for sharing!


  • Mandy Skinner said on

    This is seriously helpful! I am going to get to work on this today!

  • Cierra Mercier said on

    Excellent post! Rarely do I see posts about scheduling for Pinterest, so I’m super happy to see this! I’ve been wanting to utilize Pinterest more this month, and will do so now that it clicks, thanks to your post! Saving it to my Evernote! <3

  • Angie Scheie said on

    Such a detailed and helpful post! I’ve made some improvements with Pinterest,but I def need to schedule pins more, and go revamp all my old ones. It’s overwhelming!

  • Manju | Cooking Curries said on

    THis is such a great post! i have bookmarked it to take a look at it again. Most of these things are what I know but forget to do, this is a great checklist of sorts. Thank you!

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