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Popsicle Stick Craft for Mother’s Day

This cute popsicle stick craft is sure to bring smile on a mom’s face. This can easily be made by kids with all the materials easily available at home.

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I have always appreciated my mom for all she has done. She has been my best friend and my greatest support system.

To honor my mother and mothers all over the world, I am always thinking of great gift ideas that we can make with ease this Mother’s Day.

My little one and I made this cute popsicle stick craft for Mother’s Day! This craft is perfect for mothers day or her birthday. Kids can easily make it with grownup’s help. Show the appreciation for mom that she deserves and make her feel special.

This was his first project for the occasion and he is thrilled to see how it turned out!

Popsicle Stick Craft for Mother's Day

The printable used in this craft can be downloaded from here:

Best Mom Ever Free Printable for Mother's Day

Download Here

Supplies Needed:

I bought the Craft Bucket from dollar store.

I used:

  • 6 Popsickle Sticks
  • Yellow Heart and black circle Foam Shapes
  • Glue Gun


  • Take a card stock.
  • Put the Popsicle sticks together in form of the house on that cardboard sheet.
  • Glue end of each stick with the glue gun. Stick the heart and circular foam shapes on the sticks in any pattern you wish to make.
  • Take printout of the printable we downloaded.
  • Cut along the outer circle.
  • Stick that in center of the box of the popsicle sticks.

There you have it! A cute Popsicle Stick Craft for Mother’s Day!

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