10 Minute Day Planner Template

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10 Minute Day Planner Template

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The 10-minute daily planner template is an innovative approach to planning your day with increments of 10 minutes for each hour. By dedicating 10-minute blocks every hour, you can make time for yourself, stay on track, and stay motivated throughout the day.

Why should you use this daily planner template?

Research shows that our brains are more inclined to work best when we break our tasks into smaller, manageable parts.

By planning out our days in smaller, focused increments of 10 minutes, we can avoid procrastination and the feeling of overwhelm that often comes when we plan out our days by the hour or even by the half-hour.

The 10-minute planner template allows us to think about our days in a more manageable way, which translates to more productivity and less stress.

What is 10 minutes daily planner template?

The 10-minute daily planner starts at 6 AM and goes all the way through to 10:50 PM. Make sure to print out your planner template and have it within easy reach throughout your day. Here's how to use it:

By planning your day with the 10-minute planner, you won't just be increasing your productivity. You'll also take care of your mental and physical health by scheduling breaks and ensuring your daily tasks are divided into achievable, bite-sized parts.

To keep your motivation and focus high throughout the day, use the planner to stay accountable. Check off each task as you complete it, and use your breaks as a way to reward yourself (eat a snack, talk to a friend, take a walk, etc.).

The planner can help you feel accomplished and in control throughout your day.

10 Minute Day Planner Template
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