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52 Week Money Saving Challenge 2020

My 52 Week Money Challenge: How I Plan to Save $16000 in 2020

My 52 week money challenge is going to be the saving of increments of $10 each so that I will be able to save $16000 by the end of 2020. Are you with me?

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7 Ways to Save Money this Week

7 Ways You Can Save Money This Week

Managing money may seem like a tedious task, but believe me, it can be a lot of fun. Here are 7 simple ways to save money this week.

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7 simple ways to save money at Target

7 Simple Ways to Save Money at Target

Shopping at this popular store is always fun, but looking at the reciept and wallet, not so much. That’s why I have put together these 7 simple ways to save money at Target.

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How I saved $480 on my utility bills

How I Saved over $480 on My Internet, Cable and Phone Bill

Want to save money on utilities? This is how I saved over $480 on my internet, cable and phone bill. Follow these simple tips and save on utilities today.

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Price Book Budgeting: How to Save Money on Grocery Shopping

Price Book Budgeting: How To Save Money On Grocery Shopping

Do you like to save money on grocery shopping every now and then? If yes, please read more about this wonderful tool that helps me save money every time I grocery shopping.

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Envelope Budgeting: Simple Way To Keep Your Budget Under Control

Like to keep track of your finances and keep your personal household budget under control then this envelope budgeting is something you should definitely check out. Envelope Budgeting is the …

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