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Free Printable Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Nursery Rhyme Quiz baby shower game is sure to keep your guests entertained for hours. They will enjoy answering these nursery rhyme questions. Person with the most correct answers wins!

Nursery Rhyme Quiz Printable Game

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Planning a baby shower? This Nursery Rhyme Quiz baby shower game will add a special touch to your event. Guests will have a blast trying to answer questions included on these printable cards.


These free printable quiz cards make for memorable keepsake for parents.

Nursery Rhyme Quiz Baby Shower Game

Print out these nursery rhyme quiz printable cards and hand out each to your guests. They will need to write the answers for the nursery rhyme questions.

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Gender Neutral Due Date Prediction Calendar?

Fun and interactive baby shower games and ideas make for the fun and memorable events.

Baby due date prediction game is one of those entertaining baby shower game where guests guess the arrival date and time of the new baby.

You can create your own Gender Neutral Due Date Prediction Calendar by editing the Name of the baby, adjusting the dates and adding the predicted due date.

Gender Neutral Baby Due Date Prediction Calendar

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What a wonderful keepsake for parents to remember for years to come!!

You can make the game more exciting by adding the prizes. Whoever guess the most correct answers will win a prize.

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Make sure to keep someone in charge of handling the prizes since you won’t be able to carry out such tasks right after having your little bundle of joy.

Free Printable Nursery Rhyme Quiz

How to play Nursery Rhyme Quiz Baby Shower Game?

To play this no prep game, you will need:


  • Print the nursery rhyme quiz game cards on thick card stock paper.
  • Distribute cards among the players.
  • Guests write the answers to these nursery rhyme questions.
  • To make it more exciting and challenging, set the timer and see who finishes first.
  • Whoever gets all the correct answers wins and gets the prize!

Nursery Rhyme Game Printable Cards

Download Here

This no prep and no mess trivia game is sure to be a hit among your guests.

Nursery Rhyme Game for Girl Baby Shower

Are you are planning a girl baby shower? This premium nursery rhyme quiz in pink silver theme is perfect for girl baby shower.

Silver Pink Nursery Rhyme Quiz Printable Cards

Download Here

Have fun at your gender neutral baby shower!

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