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Free Printable Baby Prediction and Advice Cards

Baby Prediction and Advice game is one of the fun and ice breaker games that is sure to keep your guests entertained for hours. They get to make guesses on these prediction cards about the baby.

Baby Prediction and Advice Cards Free Printable

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Are you planning a baby shower soon?

There are so many fun baby shower games that you can include in your baby shower event. Baby Shower Bingo and Nursery Rhyme Quiz are some of the popular games that most of your guests will enjoy playing.

Baby Prediction and Advice Cards is another popular activity  to add  to your collection of games to play.


Make a memorable keepsake for parents to be with these baby prediction and advice cards.

Baby Prediction and Advice Cards

Print out these prediction cards and hand out each to your guests. They have to fill out the prompts on these cards and make predictions.

Some of the things that they have to fill out are:

  • Who will the baby resemble? Mom or Dad?
  • What day will the baby be born?
  • Time of birth?
  • What will be the baby’s weight and length?
  • What will be their eye color and hair color?
  • Any advice for the parents to be …

This is one of those ice breaker games that will keep your guests engaged during the party.

Looking for Due Date Prediction Calendar?

Baby shower games are always fun to keep a special event engaging and interactive. Baby due date prediction calendar is one of the fun entertaining baby shower game where guests get to guess the arrival date and time of the new baby.

You can create your own Due Date Prediction Calendar by editing the Name of the baby, adjusting the dates and adding the predicted due date.

Baby Due Date Prediction Calendar

Create Your Own Calendar

What a wonderful keepsake for parents to remember for years to come.

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You can make the game more exciting by adding the prizes. Whoever guess the most correct answers will win a prize.

Make sure to keep someone in charge of handling the prizes since you won’t be able to carry out such tasks right after having your little bundle of joy.

Free Printable Baby Prediction and Advice Cards

Keep a Pregnancy Journal to record your pregnancy milestones and see how you are making progress throughout your pregnancy. Add the pictures, appointments and keep track of your milestones as they baby grows.

How to play Baby Prediction and Advice Game?

To play Baby Prediction and Advice Game, you will need:


  • Print the prediction cards using thick card stock paper.
  • Distribute cards among the players.
  • Have the guests fill out the cards.
  • Once everyone has filled the cards, put them together and hand them over to the parents to be.
  • Once the baby is born, parents can go through these cards and see who predicted the most accurate guess.
  • If you wish you can send the prize to the winner.

You don’t need any special preparations to make these, and no mess to clean up after they are done playing.

Baby Perdiction and Advice Cards Free Printable

Baby Perdiction and Advice Cards Free Printable

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