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How to Play How big is Mommy’s Belly Game

Planning a baby shower? How big is Mommy’s belly game is one of those ice breaker games that is lot of fun and is sure to keep your guests entertained for hours.

How to play How big is mommys belly game

How Big is Mommy’s Belly game is sure to be a hit at your baby shower event.

It is one of those traditional games that has everyone guessing the real question – How Big is Mommy’s Belly.

How to play Mommy’s Belly Game?

You are going to have everyone guess how big is Mommy’s tummy, and the guest with the closest guess is the winner.

You don’t require whole lot of stuff to set this game up.

To play this game, you will need:

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How to play How big is mommys belly game

How to play this baby bump game

  • Once you have downloaded the digital files, save them and print. There are letter size and 8×10 signs that you can fit in a frame. Place the sign or the frame on display table.
  • Cut the small cards and distribute to your guests.
  • Have mommy to be stand where all the guests can get a good look at her belly size.
  • Pass around the scissors and yarn or ball of string to everyone in the room who’s playing this game.
  • Each person cuts off the piece of yarn at the length they think her belly is at now.
  • Not everyone will get it right. Some will get it short, some long.
  • Have them tie the piece of yarn around the small card you handed them earlier. They also write their names on these cards.
  • Collect all the cards tied with the piece of yarn. Take another piece of yarn, preferably of different color.
  • Wrap this piece of yarn around mom to be’s belly right at her belly button. Cut off the piece and measure it against all the pieces of yarn.
  • The one closest to this piece of yarn is the winner.

Although it is recommended that one person who is hosting the baby shower event is the one who measures mom to be’s belly, but if she is comfortable others touching her belly, guests can measure the belly themselves and see how close they got to the right length.

How big is Mommy's Belly Game

Download Here

If you don’t want to use items like yarn or string, you can have guests write their guesses using a unit of length like inches, cms etc. along with their names on the small cards.

The hostess can measure the belly using a tape measure and measure the size of belly in the same unit.

This baby bump game is so much fun and keeps everyone entertained for hours.

How to play How big is mommys belly game

It’s the most hilarious when yarn pieces are being compared. Enjoy and have tons of fun!

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