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Teacher Planner Printable: Back to School Done Right

In case, you’re a teacher, and you were in search of something to help you stay organized, and stay on top of things without feeling overwhelmed, I’m thrilled to announce this Teacher Planner Printable; a perfect tool for teachers to stay organized and stress free throughout the school year.

Teacher Planner Printable

Going back to school can be a daunting task for teachers and students after spending the summer leisurely. Getting organized for back to school seems quite challenging, so I’m hoping this teacher planner printable will help you ease into the school year schedule, keeping things simplified for you.

The best thing I love about this Teacher Planner is it is so colorful yet so simple and easy to use. There’s plenty of space to make good use of. This planner comes with everything you need to organize your classroom, students info, parents info and increase overall productivity in the coming school year.

Teacher Planner Cover Pages

There are four covers. Here’s what they look like:

Teacher Planner Covers

Do you prefer any one over the other?

Dated Monthly and Weekly Lesson Planner

Dated Monthly Planner makes it easy to check out the month at a glance, and write down all the important dates and notes in the lined boxes. This also comes listed with popular US Holidays. It makes it much easier to plan your schedule ahead of time.

Dated Weekly Lesson Planner and Monthly Planner

Dated Weekly Lesson Planner is one of the essential tools for the Teacher Planner. You can insert lesson plan after each month. You can fit multiple subjects in this one. There are 8 boxes for each day, making it perfectly functional for teachers from kindergarten to high school. You can utilize these blocks for subjects like reading, writing, math, science, social studies and so on. Similarly Middle and High School Teachers can use the blocks as per their requirements.

Student and Parents Info

These printables are perfect for organizing students and parents information in one place. Write down all the details about each of your students and their parents / guardians. You can maintain a Parents Communication Log where you can record the communication made with the parent, if they were contacted via email, phone etc.

Health and Allergies Info can be used to record all the medical conditions that any student has. Volunteer List is a good addition to the planner. You can use it to record the volunteer names over the span of months, and use it later when you want to arrange a thank you event for them.

Students and Parents Info

Daily and Weekly Planning

You can plan your day or week ahead of time with these Daily and Weekly Planners. Time slots help you prioritize your tasks for the day and week easily. Write down the Most Important tasks for the day. Maintain a Todo List for each day, and simply check off the items as you get them done. Weekly Timetable helps you write down your subjects and classes and glance through them whenever you want.

Daily and Weekly Planning

Years at a Glance

These colorful calendars for 2019 & 2020 make it easy for you to check out the calendars for 2019 and 2020 in one go. You can add them to your binder or stick them to your office wall to take a quick look at the dates of the year. Important Dates to remember for 2019 and 2020 help you write down important events for the month, set your monthly goals or any other special dates.

Years at a Glance 2019 and 2020

Editable Checklists

These editable checklists can be very versatile and you can use them as per your requirements. You can use Adobe Reader to open the files and use them as Student Checklists, Classroom Checklists, Attendance Record,s or Class Roster.

Editable Checklist Templates for Teacher Planner

There’s so much more to this versatile and beautiful Teacher Planner Printable. Make sure to check it out, and if you like it, grab your copy.

Download Teacher Planner Binder

Do you have a favorite Teacher Planner that you can’t live without? Please share in the comment box below!