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Editable Recipe Binder Printable

Organize your recipes in one place with this Editable Recipe Binder. Includes recipe pages, meal planner, divider pages, divider tabs and notes page.

Editable Recipe Binder Printable

Love to cook and try new recipes?

Trying new recipes is always fun, but remember the time when you perfect that recipe after many trials, and write it down somewhere.

You mention exactly how many ingredients you need and exactly how much should be the temperature of the oven and the time it should sit on the counter before you start serving.

Only problem?

You can’t find it the next time you want to give it a try to surprise your family.

I am sure many of us can related. That’s why I created this beautiful Editable Recipe Binder Printable.

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Editable Recipe Binder; Printable Planner

What’s included in this Editable Recipe Binder Printable?

This Editable Recipe Binder comes with some of the essential pages to organize the recipes. Here are the sections:

  • Recipe pages
  • meal planner
  • divider pages
  • divider tabs
  • notes page

For writing down the detailed recipes, that include baking, soups, pasta etc you can use detailed recipes page.

For shorter recipes like salads, smoothies, drinks etc, you can use shorter recipes page.

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Editable Recipe Book; Printable Planner

How to edit the Recipe Binder Printable?

Blue highlighted sections in the planner binder are editable.

To edit the files, open them in the Adobe Reader.

If you see the blue highlighted section, you can click anywhere in that blue highlighted section and start editing. If you don’t see the blue highlighted section, click on the top right hand side, where it says, “Highlight Existing Fields”.

All the fields that can be edited will be highlighted in blue. When you’re done editing, and saving, you can click on the Highlight Existing Fields again and highlighted sections will disappear. And these won’t appear when you print these pages.

Hightlight Existing Fields

Divider Pages and Tabs

I love the divider pages and tabs that are included in this recipe binder.

These help me organize the recipes into proper categories, and find them easily whenever I need to find them in a jiffy.

For example, all my salad recipes, I save them under Salads divider. I cut out the divider tab typed Salads and glue it to the divider page.

This way I find them easily whenever I need to.

Divider Tabs for Editable Recipe Binder

Meal Planner Printable

Meal Planner section has the days of the week listed, with space to edit the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the day. Plan ahead for the entire week.

This section also helps with planning what grocery items you need for that week. You can edit both sections on this one.


Meal Planner - Editable Recipe Binder

Want to edit even more?

Wondering if you can edit the font style, size, line height and make the text rich?

Of Course. Simply select the text you wish to edit, and press “Ctrl+E” for PC Windows and “Cmd + E” for Mac. You will get a small pop up bar somewhere on the screen. Something like this:

How to make the edits to Editable Recipe Binder

In this picture above, I want to edit the style of the text “Delicious Fluffy Pancakes”. So I select the text, and click “Ctrl+E“. The bar that pops up shows the different options I can use to change everything about the text. I can change the font style, size, color, alignment to left, center or right. I can add the link to the text, change the line height of the text, add space above and below the text by clicking on “More”.

Basically, you can make any changes to the text and make it look like just you want it to look like.

To see the editing instructions, make sure to visit this link to see How to Edit PDF Files in Adobe Reader

Organize your Recipes in one Place

With this Editable Recipe Binder, you can have all your recipes in one place and get to your favorite recipes in no time. It’s something simple something handy that you can use over and over.

Something you could keep at an arm’s distance, and refer to whenever you or a friend needed help with any of the recipes. With this EDITABLE Recipe Binder you can do just that. Simply organize your recipes in your favorite categories, with divider pages.

So far you have breakfast, desserts, appetizer categories. You can add more if you wanted to, thanks to editable version. You can edit or add your own categories and save them all at one convenient place. Similarly, you can easily edit your recipes.

Editable Recipe Book Binder Printables

Not only can this Editable Recipe Binder be used for self, it makes a great gift. Christmas is coming up, and we go struggle through keeping everything under control, especially meals part.

Why not have this beautiful addition to your holiday to get list. It’s even perfect for Mother’s Day – a great Mother’s Day Gift Idea! If your mom loves to bake and cook, she’ll love to have all her recipes organized at one place!

If this sounds good, make sure to grab your copy and download. You will love typing and saving away your precious recipes in one place.

Download Editable Recipe Binder

How do YOU organize your recipes? Please let me know in the comments below!

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