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Free 2020 Blog Planner Printable

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Hi There! I’m super excited to announce to launch of my brand new 2020 Blog Planner Printable Bundle.

I have been using the dotted grid planner for a long time to keep up with my blog stats, I must say I had lots of fun filling it out over the last few years, but this year I decided to create one to keep the details and summary of my blogging numbers.

I must say I love the look of my Blog Planner 2020 Printable. I have also decided to offer it as a free resource and make it available in my printable library.

Blog Planner Printable Bundle

If you are a blogger, you are already aware of how much work and effort goes into making a blog successful.

As much work and effort goes into blogging, it can also be very rewarding. Even if you are not making as much money as your full time job in the corporate world, working for yourself takes your satisfaction to the whole new level.

Why you need a Blog Planner?

Just like any other brick and mortar business, blogging requires as much focus and dedication.

Besides taking care of your family, you come up with innovative ideas for your blog, use your imagination to get creative and sometimes teach newbie bloggers your own tips and tricks.

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There is so much more to blogging, and if you do not have everything written down on the paper, it’s easy to digress and lose track of your progress, soon you may have no idea where you are headed.

A blog planner can not only help with keeping track of your progress, but also prepare for the following year.

With the right kind of blog planner, you are able to review your weekly, monthly and yearly progress, keep your goals in check, record your monthly income and expenses and have the real numbers right on your finger tips.

You can easily measure your work and progress you are making, in what area and need improvement in which area. Let’s take a peak at what my blogging organization tool looks like.

Free 2020 Blog Planner Printable

This 10 page free 2020 blog planner printable is a simple organization tool to help you keep track of your blogging progress, grow your blog and monetize it.

This minimalist printable bundle does not have whole lot of design so that you are able to fill it up with important stuff.

Also, when you print these pages, you won’t be using too much of ink.

Blog Planner Cover Page

Planner cover page

First off, here’s the cover binder of the blog planner. I love the small flowers on the top, and that’s all for the design. I love the minimalist look of this planner.

Mission Statement and Purpose of the blog

You will love writing the mission statement where you can write down what your blog is about.

This is very helpful when you have to write down in clear and crisp tone what your blog is all about.

When you fill up this page, you can write down the niche of your blog, the main idea or theme of your blog, who your target audience going to be and anything else you can think of.

Basically fill up this space with your ideas for your blog.

2020 Yearly Calendar

This yearly calendar for 2020 gives you glance of the year 2020. Tackle your busy days and get super organized with this planner printable.

2020 Calendar at a Glance

Monthly Planner Printable

This cute undated monthly planner printable helps you start from any month of the year. Plan your events well in advance and get organized like a pro.

Monthly Calendar 2020

If I have a blogger conference coming up or a webinar, the event goes right into this calendar. This can also be used as editorial calendar for the month, and help you plan your blog post scheduling.

Blog Post Planner

This weekly blog post planner comes with checklist of things to do while publishing a new blog post.

For your next blog post, you can write down the title of the blog post,  date you’re planning to publish it, ideas or main points of the post, category it is going to belong to, tags, keywords, and call to action.

Go through the Todo list, and check off each column as you complete them. Also update the status of the post as you proofread, schedule and publish the post. Go through the post promotion checklist as well as you promote your post.

This blog post planner will help you to best optimize your blog post for search engines when you mark off all the checkboxes in each box.

Monthly Blog Stats

Keep track of your social media and Google Analytics with this printable. Also record your top referrals and your most popular posts.

Write their pageviews, check out the engagement of the post by recording how many comments and the category it belongs to.

Monthly Blog Stats

Weekly Goal Tracker

Set your goals for the week with this printable. Write the week and target date. Write down your goal for the week, action steps you plan on taking.

Write down any positive affirmations for the week, and any motivation words to inspire yourself.

Weekly Todo List

Have lots on your todo list? Make it simple by writing your list down for each week with this weekly to do list printable.

Divide it for each day of the week. You will find yourself not stressing over all the things you need to finish on your blog.

Free Blog Planner Printable Bundle

Download Here

The Essential 2020 Blog Planner

And in case you’re looking for something more detailed, I have the premium version of the blog planner. The Essential 2020 Blog Planner comes with 240 pages, with essential pages you need for your blog. Here’s glimpse of what you will get in this premium version of this blog planner printable bundle.

The Essential Blog Planner 2020 Printable

Sponsored Posts Tracker

That awesome moment, when sponsors reach out to you for sponsored posts. I love this sponsored posts tracker where all the information about brands and companies can be saved. Information about my blog posts that are going to be about brand products, social media sharing and if there are going to be any giveaways.

Advertisement Tracker

If you are planning to invest in advertising your blog, you’d want to know how successful your campaign was.

This advertisement tracker can help you keep track of how much you spent on the advertisement and if you received any traffic from that campaign. Start and end date for you campaign can also be recorded.

Social Media Statistics

Along with blog statistics, you also need to track your social media stats. Write down your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram.

You also need to record your Email subscribers.

Note, there is month at a glance sheet where you may have to record the same numbers, but this one is a social media sharing overview of the whole month to give you quick glance at how you are doing for that particular month, and you can easily compare the numbers with the previous month.

There are lot more pdf pages that will help you organize your blog planning in 2020.

Download Here

Now you know why I am love The Essential 2020 Blog Planner bundle? Want to see some more sections of this awesome organizing tool?

How to put this planner together?

This package for The Essential 2020 Blog Planner includes two separate files:

  • One file is a blog planner printable binder where all the printables have been put together in a sequence. You can print these printables back to back or one per page.
  • Second file is a zipped package of individual files. You can print these separately and put together in a sequence of your choice.

You can print more than one copy of the printable. For example, I need to print multiple copies of the email campaign tracker.

Once you have printed the copies, you can punch and put them in a three ring binder. You can also spiral bound your blog planner, and add or remove the pages whenever you feel like.

I’m looking forward to using my blog planner in the new year and follow through with my goals.

Free Blog Planner 2020 Printable
What are your blogging goals for 2020? Please share in the comments below.

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